Two Public Hearings on Proposed Pilgrim’s Rendering Plant Scheduled

Franklin County’s Planning and Zoning Board will be considering a zoning variance request by Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation when they meet on March 18 for a property on Highway 320 near I-85.

The Company is planning to build a chicken rendering plant on the site that will provide chicken by-products for the pet food industry.

At their meeting Monday night, County Commission Chair Jason Macomson said the public will be allowed to speak at that meeting.

That meeting will be held at the Franklin County Justice Center and will also be live-streamed on Zoom, however, Zoom participants will not be allowed to speak.

Macomson said Commissions might attend the Planning and Zoning meeting via Zoom but will not comment or make any decision.

Then on Monday, April 5, Macomson said the Board of Commissioners will hold another public hearing at 5p at the Franklin County High School Auditorium before their regular meeting.

“This meeting will of course also be open to the public. Members of the community will also have the opportunity to speak for or against this variance request. It’s not just Pilgrims. There may be other requests too. This meeting will also be streamed live by Zoom. Again, members of the public will not be able to comment via Zoom that will be viewing only but that’s another option. The Board of Commissioners will take action on those planning and zoning items that follows the public hearing on April 5th,” he said.

Last week, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation announced plans to build a $70-million chicken rendering plant on Highway 320.