Carolina Street in Hartwell to close again soon, weather permitting

At last Tuesday’s meeting of the Hartwell mayor and council, Mayor Brandon Johnson told council members Carolina Street would be closing again in the near future in order to complete the work which had begun late last year.

Johnson said the original plan to finish the project before Christmas did not happen.

Carolina Street update. Council I just wanted to let you know, I believe it was the December meeting, I think, we talked about we were going to close Carolina Street for a week or two to work on some water lines. We had a contractor that was going to be in town and just hoped to get it real quick on what they could do and our folks would try to finish it up. After a couple of weeks we realized it was going to be very difficult to finish it up and get out of there before Christmas. Myself and David (Aldrich), and basically everybody, kind of decided to hold on and let the Christmas season pass. So, our department will be back down there in a week or two if it warms up and becomes bearable,” said Johnson.

With the city crews going back to work, that means Carolina Street will once again be closed until the work can be completed.

Carolina Street will be closed down again for a couple of weeks to finish the work. Ms.Cleary from DDA is well aware of that and has communicated that to the business owners who seem to be understanding of that. They were very appreciative we did not shut it down for the whole month of December shopping. I think we’re still kind of any day now waiting on our engineering review for Carolina Street. We approved that in Decemember as well, so that project will kick off again in a couple of weeks when it warms up enough,” said Johnson.

A check with Hartwell City Hall revealed the work should now be about a week away, weather permitting.