Burglars hit four locations in Hart County this past week

Four burglaries were reported and investigated by the Hart County Sheriff’s Office this past week.

Deputies responded to a Bonds Road address in Canon in reference to a burglary which had taken place the evening of May 5 while the residents were out of town.

According to the report, the owner had left the door unlocked. The owner also stated one of the residents reported hearing a noise like something fell as they went inside.

According to the report, a Miller Light beer can filled with coins and paper currency was missing from the bedroom as well as a jewelry box. The owner said the can contained about $700 in cash.

Also taken were about 60 Zanax pills and a number of cyclobenzaprine pills. Three syringes were also reported missing.

Deputies also reported to a Lavonia Highway address in reference to a burglary which had taken place some time between 9:30-11:30 a.m. while the resident was at a doctor’s appointment.

Upon finding the home ransacked, the resident vacated the home and called 911.

Deputies checked the house and found no one, but did report the house had been burglarized. According to the report, the burglar took rolled coins, jewelry and some prescription medication.

While investigating the above incident, another Lavonia Road resident contacted the deputies concerning a burglary which had occurred at his home.

During the investigation deputies, along with the victim, located some small tools, a jewelry box, and an unopened wine cooler near the back door. The owner stated the items were his and had been inside the home.

Deputies also noted the door had been forced open at this residence as well.

Deputies also responded to a call in reference to someone attempting to break into a home on Jones Road.

The resident told deputies his wife called to say someone was attempting to get into the home and he told her to go to the bedroom and lock the door. At that time he called 911.

Upon arrival the resident noted the light bulb to his porch light was on a dresser on the porch. He told the deputy the light was working the previous night.

The resident told the deputy he noticed a 10” Ryobi table saw was missing and a charcoal grill had been moved as he approached the home.

The wife told deputies she heard the dog barking and thought it was her husband returning. She then noticed the porch light was not on and looked out to see someone dressed in dark clothing run off the front porch. She described the person as small.

The couple also told the deputy they had spotted a red Chevrolet S-10 go by at least four times the day before. The driver was described as not very old, wearing a hat and had short brown hair.