Brownies and popcorn and gummy bears lead to arrests… Oh, my!

An investigation by the Hart County Sheriff’s Office and the GBI’s Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office has led to two arrests and the discovery of an elaborate marijuana grow and processing facility in a home on Lanier Drive just outside of Hartwell.

According to reports, law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at 174 Lanier Drive on Wednesday at approximately 5:30 p.m. as a result of the investigation.

The search uncovered a quantity of edible marijuana products, including brownies, popcorn and even gummy bears. Along with the munchable pot, authorities also found more than 32 ounces of dried marijuana packed inside jars, about 623 grams of THC oil and 37 marijuana plants of various growth stages.

The total value of the confiscated marijuana was almost $200,000.

According to the reports, 49-year-old Nathan Ross Johnson and 57-year-old Melissa Renee Roebuck, both of 137 Lanier Drive, were arrested at the home and charged with manufacturing marijuana, trafficking THC oil, manufacturing marijuana edibles and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

The house was equipped with a ventilation system, advanced lighting, reflective walls and hydroponic system which was designed to enhance the potency of the marijuana.