BREAKING NEWS: Hart County Closes Kelly Road Due to Sinkhole

Hart County closing Kelly Road due to sinkhole per County Administrator Jon Caime.

“This morning we received notice of a problem with the road sinking so I personally investigated this situation,” Caime said in an email this morning. “There is a sinkhole and the pipes must be replaced. I am closing the road due to the safety concern, and we have notified the schools and others. We have ordered the replacement pipes and will replace these pipes as soon as they are delivered.”

Caime said the sinkhole is under the road at the creek crossing.

“We haven’t determined how big the sinkhole is yet, but the road in that location is sagging. So because it’s a feeder road to North Hart Elementary School and there’s a lot of school traffic on that road, I decided to err on the side of caution this morning and close the road altogether.”

Caime said motorists should use Beacon Light Road as the detour.

Caime said he is not sure how long repairs on the road are expected to take.