Author Diane Haley Toney to hold book signing

Local author and former high school principal Diane Haley Toney will be at the Lavonia Depot this Sunday for a book signing. DDA Director Marie Morse said the DDA was hosting the event.

On Sunday afternoon, on Dec. 10, from 1:30-3 p.m. there will be a reception/book signing for new local author Diane Haley Toney. She has recently written a book, “It Was What It Was” and the DDA is proud to host this reception for her,” said Morse.

According to the book’s webpage on LuLu, the book revolves around Toney’s life growing up in the South.

The page describes the book as a charming and heartwarming autobiography of life growing up in the idyllic post-war era of the South during the 1950’s. Relating tales of family, love, self-sacrifice,faith, and community, the author recounts life in Lavonia, Georgia during an era of rapid social change. According to the site, the book is beautifully written and conveyed with warmth and much humor, is not to be missed.