Attorneys In Wilbros Civil Suit Await Judges Decision

Attorneys for both sides in the Wilbros’ civil suit are waiting to hear back from the judge after each completing their own proposed new joint order to replace a court order already in place.

The Toccoa biofuel plant has been at the center of a civil law suit brought by the county, the Stephens County School Board, the City of Toccoa and a non-profit citizens group over the noxious odors emanating from the facility at the corner of Rose Lane and Hwy 145.

According To Stephens County Attorney Brian Ranck, the new order would replace one issued in January that made the consent order entered into between Wilbros and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division a court order.

Ranck says a 15-day negotiating period to attempt to reach a new joint order wrapped up last week.

“The parties have,both, prepared their own version of that order. We’ve circulated them amongst each other, and now I imagine the next step would be to send those orders to the judge. Then, he will schedule a hearing and decide what he wants to make the court’s order.”

Ranck says that both sides are also still reviewing each other’s proposals to see if there are any areas of common ground in them.

There is no word yet on when the judge will schedule a hearing on the matter.

Last month, Judge Adamson ordered attorneys on both sides to have experts
meet with each other and negotiate to see if a new joint order could be reached.

Judge Adamson ordered the negotiations as part of an order continuing the civil trial that was scheduled to start last month.