Athiest Group Plans to Donate Materials to State Parks

Now that Governor Nathan Deal has put Bibles back in State Park lodges and cabins, an atheist group says they plan to put their materials there as well.

On Friday, the group, American Athiests, which is based in New Jersey, said on their Web site, they will be sending the Georgia Department of Natural Resources enough of their materials to put into every State Park lodge room and cabin.

Bibles had initially been removed from State Parks after an atheist complained about finding a Gideon’s Bible in his room at Amicalola State Park in Dawson County.

But last week, Deal ordered Bibles be put back in rooms saying they do not constitute the State’s support of any religion and he said other religious groups may also put their materials in.

Some of the book titles the atheist group plans to send include “Why I am an Athiest” by Madalyn Murray O’Hair and the “God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.

On their Web site, American Athiests Managing Director Amanda Knief said they look forward to providing the reading materials to Georgia State parks lodges and cabins.