Area veterinarian named Hospital Hero at Sacred Heart

On Monday, St. Mary’s Healthcare System announced that Leslie Fordham has received one of the highest honors bestowed by the state hospital association. Mark Ralston, Public Relations Manager for St. Mary’s, said only a handful of people are chosen from the entire state for the annual honor.

We are really happy to announce that Leslie Fordham, who’s a member of the Sacred Heart Hospital Board of Directors, has been named by the Georgia Hospital Association as one of Georgia’s Hospital Heroes of the Year. That’s a tremendous honor. Only nine people in the state are selected for it,” says Ralston.

Ralson said Fordham was chosen for her work with the hospital as well as her service outside the hospital working with children. Fordham received the award at an event in Atlanta last Thursday.

Leslie was selected for her service to Sacred Heart Hospital, but also for her service to Outdoor Dream Foundation, which provides children with chronic or terminal illnesses an opportunity to go out into the woods with a mentor for a hunting and fishing outdoor dream as they battle their illness,” says Ralston.

Fordham is a veterinarian with a practice in Comer as well as a fifth generation farmer in the Royston area.