A beary long day for a wayward cub in Hartwell

It’s not every day a bear is spotted in these parts of Georgia. It’s even mroe rare when a bear decides to go downtown. That’s exactly what happened early Monday afternoon when the Hartwell Police Department’s phone started ringing.

Multiple calls to the department each said they saw a large bear cub within the city limits. After following the trail of calls, the bear was finally located in a tree between the Hart County Board of Education building and Lewis Lumber.

Officers were placed strategically around the bear so he could not escape and a phone call was made to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, or DNR. A DNR representative was then dispatched with a tranquilizer gun, but the bear, and the officers, would have to wait a while since the closest one was in Gainesville.

Finally, around 8 p.m., the DNR representative appeared with the tranquilizer gun and the cub was taken without incident. The bear cub should be returned to the wild in the very near future where he can do what bears do.